Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Mammalia
                Family : Equidae
 Scientific Name : Equus zebra x Equus

                Colour : Brown, Tan, Grey
           Skin Type : Fur
               Size(H) : 1m - 1.5m (3.5ft - 5ft)
                Weight : 227kg - 318kg
                                (500lbs - 700lbs)

          Top Speed : 54kph (35mph)
           Life Span : 15 - 25 years
Most Distinctive 
              Feature : Unique stripes darkest
                                on belly and legs 
            Fun Fact : The offspring of Zebra
                                and Donkey parents!
  1. The Zonkey is the offspring of a male Zebra and a female Donkey.
  2. The offspring of a female Zebra and a male Donkey is called as Zedonk.
  3. Zedonks, Zorses and Zonkeys are all called as Zebroids.
  4. Wild Zonkeys exist but are rare and most Zonkeys are bred in animal institutions.
  5. Zonkeys look like Donkeys but have stripes on their bodies like Zebras.
  6. They are fast and agile like Zebras but also sturdy and resilient like Donkeys.
  7. Zonkeys are used for tasks such as pulling heavy loads.
  8. Unlike Donkeys, Zonkeys have a wild streak to them that is inherited from Zebras.
  9. Zonkeys are sterile due to the chromosomal mismatch between Zebras and Donkeys.
  10. The main predators of Zonkeys include carnivores such as large cats and crocodiles.
  11. Zonkeys can live for about 15 – 25 years approximately.
  12. They are herbivores and mainly eat grass, leaves, shrubs and fruits.
  13. Zonkeys are found in Africa and also in a few zoos across the world.
  14. They are social animals who live in herds and don’t like to be solitary.
  15. The first known Zonkey was sired accidently at the Colchester Zoo in the 1970s.
  16. Gestation period of the Zonkey is around one year.
  17. Zonkey foals start walking soon after birth but become completely independent in 6 months.
  18. They attain sexual maturity within a couple of years but cannot reproduce.

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