Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Phocidae
  Scientific Name : Halichoerus Grypus

                      Size : 2 - 3.3m 
                                 (72 - 129in)
                 Weight : 150 - 300kg 
                                  (330 - 660lbs)
           Top Speed : 10km/h (6mph)
            Life Span : 18 - 25 years

                Colour : Grey, Tan
           Skin Type : Smooth
Special Features : Speckled body and shiny, 
                               white whiskers
  1. Grey seals are one of the rarest seal species in the world.
  2. Around 40% of the grey seal population is found around the United Kingdom.
  3. They have adapted very well to the marine life and are the United Kingdom’s biggest land breeding mammals.
  4. To keep them warm at sea, they have 2 layers of thick fur and thick blubber.
  5. Distinctively, they have a speckled body and shiny, white whiskers.
  6. Their hands and feet are formed into webbed flippers, with their powerful rear flipper propelling them through water.
  7. They use their tail to steer themselves, when in water.
  8. Their incredibly strong shoulders help them haul onto steep and slippery rocks.
  9. A well hydrated seal has bright eyes and tears and they get the required amount of hydration from their food.
  10. Grey seals are carnivores feeding on fish, squids and sand eels.
  11. Their natural predators are Humans, sharks and Killer Whales.
  12. The Grey seal pups are known to have a white coat for the first three weeks of their lives.
  13. Then they molt into adult grey seal fur.
  14. The grey seal pups feed on their mother’s milk (rich with 60% fat) for 15-21 days.
  15. They grow up very soon, and after weaning are left to fend for themselves.
  16. Unfortunately, 30-50% of the grey seal pups die within the first year.
  17. Interestingly, the grey seal mothers recognize their pups’ distinct call and smell.
  18. Grey seals are a species that is threatened from extinction.

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