Name : Whippet
     Origin : Great Britain
         Size : 55cm (22in)

    Weight : 13kg (28lbs)
Life Span : 15 years
     Group : South
  1. Whippets are medium-sized, sleek, intelligent and non-aggressive, hunting dogs that originated in England.
  2. They are very popular in dog racing as they can run really fast.
  3. The running style of Whippets is called a double suspension gallop.
  4. They are polite, affectionate and gentle dogs who make for excellent house pets.
  5. Whippets are energetic and need lots of exercise, interesting games and running about daily.
  6. Whippets are known to be clean, quiet and docile dogs who don’t bark unnecessarily.
  7. Whippets chase smaller creatures so they don’t get along with other pet animals.
  8. They have a short coat which doesn’t shed much and is easy to groom.
  9. Whippets live for about 15 years and are sturdy dogs not prone to illnesses.
  10. Male Whippets are taller and heavier than the females but both are temperamentally similar.
  11. Whippets are sensitive and don’t like to be touched a lot or unexpectedly.
  12. They are friendly and loyal to their owners, adapting well to apartment life.
  13. Whippets don’t like being left alone much and prefer to be with company.
  14. They don’t make for good guard dogs as they are friendly with strangers too.
  15. Whippets also prefer warmer climates and don’t tolerate cold weather very well.
  16. Whippets are generally healthy and robust dogs who are not prone to many illnesses.
  17. The Whippet has earned the nickname of being the “poor man’s greyhound”.
  18. Whippets must be on leash when outside or they might run after potential prey!

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