Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Reptilia
                 Family : Chelonioidea
  Scientific Name : Chelonioidea

                      Size : 79 -150cm (31 - 59in)
                 Weight : 158 - 400kg
                                 (350 - 882lbs)
           Top Speed : 4km/h (2.4mph)
            Life Span : 60 - 80 years

                Colour : Brown, Tan, Green
           Skin Type : Scales
Special Features : Hard body shell and 
                                powerful, strong flippers
  1. Sea turtles are marine animals that breed on the beaches and are found in the oceans all around the world.
  2. They are not found in the Arctic circle because of the cold climate.
  3. There are around 7 species of sea turtles found in the world.
  4. Depending on the species they vary in size from being 50cm – 2m.
  5. The Flatback sea turtle is found in Australia and is native to that region.
  6. The Green Sea Turtles are found all around the world, mainly in Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  7. The Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle is very rare to find and inhabits the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.
  8. The Hawksbill Sea Turtle is a species found all around the world but is critically endangered as a species.
  9. The largest and most widely distributed species is the Leatherback Sea Turtle.
  10. The smallest species of sea turtle is the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, found in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans.
  11. The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is a species of sea turtles known for their large heads.
  12. Despite spending almost all their lives in the sea, they breed on beaches.
  13. They are known to travel long distances to come to the same breeding spot year after year.
  14. The female sea turtles lay their eggs in the nest under the sand and go back to the sea.
  15. The baby turtles, go directly to the sea after they hatch out of the eggs.
  16. Sea turtles may be herbivores or carnivores, depending on the species.
  17. They have very few natural predators in the wild but their babies are preyed on by large fish, sea birds and raccoons.
  18. All the species are endangered today.

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