Name : Tibetan Mastiff
      Origin : China
          Size : 71cm (28in)

     Weight : 81kg (180lbs)
 Life Span : 15 years
      Group : Mastiff
  1. The Tibetan Mastiff is a large, strong and heavy dog with thick fur.
  2. It was originally bred in Tibet as a sheep dog to guard livestock.
  3. They aren’t apartment-friendly dogs since they need a lot of space for free movement.
  4. Tibetan Mastiffs are not playful dogs they are usually serious and solemn.
  5. They bark loudly and often, especially at night which can be quite inconvenient.
  6. They also shed a lot which makes it harder to maintain them.
  7. Tibetan Mastiffs are very protective in nature and are not particularly sociable.
  8. However they are loyal dogs and are affectionate and friendly towards family members.
  9. Tibetan Mastiffs are more suited for cold weather than hot climates.
  10. They aren’t ideal dogs for first-time dog owners as they aren’t easy to train.
  11. They are easy to housebreak and develop slower than most other do breeds.
  12. They are energetic, intelligent and strong-willed dogs who have a mind of their own.
  13. They have an aggressive appearance and look intimidating enough to scare people.
  14. If not trained properly, they can become irritable and resort to growling and biting.
  15. They are also expensive and are not as easily available as other common breeds.
  16. The Tibetan Mastiff can live for about 15 years approximately.
  17. The average litter size of Tibetan Mastiffs is between 5 – 12 puppies.
  18. They go into heat once a year while most breeds go into heat twice.

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