Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Aves
                       Family : Ramphastidae
        Scientific Name : Ramphastos Toco

                      Size(H) : 29cm - 60cm 
                                        (11.5in - 29in)
                  Wingspan : 50cm - 119cm 
                                       (20in - 47in)
                       Weight : 130g - 680g 
                                       (4.6oz - 24oz)
                 Top Speed : 64km/h (39mph)

                  Life Span : 12 - 20 years
                      Colour : White, Yellow,
                                      Orange, Black
                 Skin Type : Feathers
Distinctive Features : Small body and 
                                      enormous colour 
                                      full beak
  1. The Toucan is an attractive bird native to the rain forests of South America.
  2. It has a black body, white throat and a huge and brightly coloured beak.
  3. About 40 different species of Toucans have been spotted in South America so far.
  4. Their beaks are made of keratin and are a honeycomb of air pockets.
  5. The beaks have serrated edges and are light; they are used mainly for eating.
  6. Toucans have a mating ritual where the birds toss fruit to each other.
  7. They live in small flocks in tree hollows and never fly long distances.
  8. Toucans travel mainly by hopping from one tree branch to another.
  9. The rainforest successfully camouflages the colours of the toucan but they are noisy birds.
  10. They eat a varied diet which includes fruits, seeds, insects and small reptiles.
  11. Toucans are closely related to woodpeckers and are favoured as exotic pets.
  12. Baby toucans are cared for both by the male and female birds.
  13. The average clutch size of Toucans is 3 and incubation period is 17 days.
  14. Baby toucans don’t have such long beaks, but they grow as the bird matures.
  15. Toucans can live for about 12 – 20 years approximately.
  16. The main predators of the Toucan include weasels, large birds of prey and humans.
  17. Toucans are the national bird of Belize.


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