Kingdom : Animalia
                      Class : Urochordata
    Scientific Name : Urochordata
                        Size : 3 - 30cm (1.2 - 11.8in)

                   Weight : 100 -200g (3.5 - 7oz)
Average Life Span : 7 - 30 years
                   Colour : Green, Red, Blue, 
                                   Yellow, Orange, Pink, 
                                   Brown, White
              Skin Type : Permeable

   Special Features : Long tube-like
  1. Sea squirts are immobile, marine animals found in the tropical waters worldwide.
  2. They are closely related to vertebrates, despite their plant-like appearance.
  3. There are around 3,000species of sea squirts found in the world.
  4. Depending on the species and their habitat, they may vary in length from 3cm-30cm.
  5. Their bodies are made up of a single solid structure protected by a thin membrane
  6. They are found in various, colors, shapes and sizes, mostly being cylindrical in shape.
  7. They are filter feeders, filtering food through the slits on their membrane.
  8. They feed on algae and plankton and also other food particles in water.
  9. Some of the large species are also known to trap and feed on Jellyfish and other fish,
  10. Their natural predators are snails, eels, crustaceans and larger fish species.
  11. Sea squirts are hermaphrodites, having both the male and female reproductive organs.
  12. Though they are capable of self-fertilizing their eggs, they rarely do so.
  13. They release their eggs directly in water and also release their sperms.
  14. The fertilized eggs become a part of plankton and the larvae hatch out.
  15. The larvae attach themselves to objects and grow into adults eventually.
  16. Their average lifespan is between 7-30 years.
  17. Sea squirts are considered to be a species that is threatened from extinction.

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