Kingdom : Animalia
                  Class : Amphibia
               Family : Salamandroidea
Scientific Name : Caudata

                    Size : 2 - 180cm (0.8 - 71in)
               Weight : 0.1 - 65kg (0.2 - 143lbs)
          Top Speed : 42km/h (30mph)
           Life Span : 5 - 20 years

                Colour : Brown, Green, Black,
                                    Yellow, Red, White
           Skin Type : Permeable Scales
Special Features : Flattened head and
                                body and small eyes
  1. Salamanders are amphibians found all around the world.
  2. They are closely related to newts, though they look like lizards.
  3. They have a long, slender body with a long tail and four legs.
  4. They have permeable skin and are either aquatic or semi-aquatic depending on their species.
  5. There are around 700 species of salamanders found in the world.
  6. They vary in size from being 2cm to 180cm long.
  7. Some of the species have an eel like appearance, owing to lesser number of limbs from other salamanders.
  8. Like the newts and lizards, they are capable of dropping their body parts to escape predators
  9. They also have the ability to regrow their limbs and other body parts.
  10. Salamanders are mostly brightly colored and the males tend to get brighter during the mating season, to attract the females.
  11. The species of salamanders that stay underground and do not get exposed to sun are either white or pink in color.
  12. To keep them moist on land, they secrete a mucus which also helps them maintain their salt balance in water.
  13. The mucus on their skin also helps them swim and acts as a lubricant.
  14. Some of the salamanders secrete courtship pheromones from their skin glands.
  15. They are also known to secrete poison from their glands on the skin.
  16. Salamanders have been declining steadily in numbers.
  17. Rising levels of pollution and fungus are their biggest threats today, making them a species that is threatened from extinction.

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