Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Reptilia
                 Family : Emydidae
  Scientific Name : Emydidae

                      Size : 20 - 60cm (7.8 - 23.6in)
                 Weight : 0.5 - 8kg (1.1 - 18lbs)
           Top Speed : 4km/h (2.4mph)
            Life Span : 10 0 30 years

                Colour : Green, Brown, Black, 
           Skin Type : Shell
Special Features : Hard protective shell and
                               strong, powerful flippers
  1. River turtles are turtles found in the freshwaters all around the world.
  2. They inhabit the slow-moving streams and rivers and the calm lake and pond waters.
  3. There are numerous species of river turtles in the world, many of which are endangered.
  4. The Mary river Turtle, native to the Mary river of Queensland, Australia, is the most popular river turtle species.
  5. They are small in size and are a popular choice as pets in artificial aquariums.
  6. They were shipped in large numbers to pet shops all around the world.
  7. The largest species of river turtles is the yellow-spotted river turtle found in the large lakes of South American Amazon Basin.
  8. They get their name from the distinct yellow spots that are bright when they are young and fade as they grow old.
  9. There are a lot of species that are grouped under the title of giant river turtles.
  10. They are mostly found in South-East Asia, with the Mangrove Terrapin turtle being endangered due to over hunting.
  11. The Giant Asian Pond Turtle is also one of the largest river turtle species found in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and neighboring countries.
  12. River turtles are omnivores, mainly feeding on aquatic plants, leaves, fish, molluscs, grasses, small reptiles and amphibians.
  13. Due to their hard protective shell and their size, most of the river turtles do not have natural predators.
  14. Although, their eggs are preyed upon by foxes, snakes, dogs and birds.
  15. Humans have hunted the river turtles for their meat which is a delicacy and also feast on turtle eggs.
  16. They are solitary animals that come together only to mate.
  17. Pollution and excessive hunting have made the river turtles vulnerable.

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