Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Reptilia
                       Family : Testudinidae
        Scientific Name : Astrochelys radiata

                       Colour : Green, Black, Brown,
                                        Tan, Yellow
                  Skin Type : Scales
                       Size(L) : 30cm - 41cm
                                       (12in - 16in)
                       Weight : 2.2kg - 16kg 
                                       (4.9lbs - 35lbs)

                 Top Speed : 0.5km/h (0.3mph)
                  Life Span : 30 - 80 years
Distinctive Features : High domed 
                                      protective shell 
                                      and yellow limbs
                  Fun Fact : The most protected 
                                     tortoise in the world!
  1. Radiated tortoise are one of the larger species of tortoise found in the island of Madagascar.
  2. They are one of the most beautiful species of tortoise with their striking, complex markings on shells.
  3. Distinctively, they have smooth-looking, high-domed dark shells with bright yellow or orange star-like intricate patterns.
  4. The males are bigger than their female counterparts and their tails are longer too.
  5. They inhabit the dry regions of thorn forests, woodlands and tall grasses in the south and south-western parts of Madagascar.
  6. They are solitary animals which are very adaptable and peaceful by nature.
  7. They are known to show aggressive behavior, if threatened, and make a screeching sound to intimidate their predators.
  8. After mating, the females lay around 5 eggs in a nest that they dig on the ground.
  9. The eggs hatch after about 4-7 months and the baby tortoise are born with the star patterns that are white in color.
  10. They are herbivores, feeding mainly on grasses, herbs and leafy greens.
  11. Their natural predators are large snakes and large birds of prey.
  12. Due to their striking looks, they are very popular as exotic pets worldwide.
  13. Humans have extensively captured them for exotic pet trade and pose a big threat to them in their natural habitat.
  14. Interestingly, the oldest living radiated tortoise was gifted to the Royal family in 1700s by Captain James Cook.
  15. That tortoise died in the year 1965 and is believed to have been around 250 years old.
  16. Despite many tourists relishing the radiated tortoise’s meat, the local people believe it is a taboo to touch and eat them.
  17. Radiated tortoise are considered to be a species that is critically endangered.

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