Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Amphibia
                 Family : Ambystomatidae
  Scientific Name : Ambystoma 

                      Size : 15 - 35cm (6 - 14in)
                 Weight : 113 - 227g (4 - 8oz)
           Top Speed : 17km/h (10mph)
            Life Span : 10 - 15 years

                Colour : Black, Green, Grey, 
                                Brown, Yellow
           Skin Type : Permeable
Special Features : Large eyes and 
                                 long tails
  1. The Tiger Salamander is found extensively across the North American continent.
  2. They are characterized by a grey or green body with yellow stripes or blotches.
  3. The legs and tails of Tiger Salamanders can regrow in case they get damaged.
  4. Tiger Salamanders have thick bodies, short snouts, long tails and strong legs.
  5. They usually live in relatively deep burrows around water bodies like streams and ponds.
  6. They are rarely spotted as they come out to hunt for prey at night.
  7. Tiger salamanders are carnivorous and usually eat insects, rodents, and worms.
  8. Tiger Salamanders are a favourite among pet owners and thrive well in captivity.
  9. Adult male Tiger Salamanders usually only mate once in their lifetime.
  10. Young tiger salamanders hatch in the water where they continue to live till maturity.
  11. Average clutch size of Tiger Salamanders is 50 and incubation period is 4 weeks.
  12. The larvae of Tiger Salamanders is of two types: cannibalistic and non-cannibalistic.
  13. Tiger Salamander larvae known as waterdogs are hardy and are used as fishing bait.
  14. Average length of tiger salamanders is 6 – 8 inches, but they can grow bigger too.
  15. Tiger Salamanders usually live for 10 -15 years approximately.
  16. They are not endangered but common predators include turtles, large birds and other reptiles.
  17. Tiger Salamanders are not social creatures and are usually solitary except during mating.

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