Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Mammalia
                      Family : Cricetidae
       Scientific Name : Arvicola amphibius

                      Colour : Brown, Black, Grey
                 Skin Type : Fur
                      Size(L) : 14cm - 22cm
                                       (5.5in - 8.7in)
                      Weight : 160g - 350g 
                                       (5.6oz - 12.3oz)

                 Life Span : 0.5 - 2 years
Distinctive Features : Small rounded body
                                      and hairy tail
                  Fun Fact : The largest Vole 
                                      species in the UK!
  1. Water Voles are small rodents that live in burrows near slow-moving water bodies.
  2. They are predominantly found in the UK and parts of Europe.
  3. They have short brown fur, small ears, a short tail and long claws.
  4. They have slightly webbed toes which makes them expert swimmers and divers.
  5. They are usually herbivorous and eat a variety of aquatic plants, leaves and grass.
  6. Males are slightly larger than females but their burrows are significantly bigger.
  7. Their burrows have separate chambers for nesting, sleeping, eating and even defecating.
  8. They mark their territories by stamping secretions from their scent glands into the ground.
  9. Water Voles are active during the day and rest at night.
  10. Predators of Water Voles are large fish, birds of prey, foxes and minks.
  11. Water voles breed from March till October and litter sizes vary from 3 – 8.
  12. Gestation period for Water Voles is 3 weeks.
  13. Baby water voles are blind, hairless and totally dependent on the mothers.
  14. They develop in about two weeks and move out once they become independent.
  15. Water voles can live for about 2 years.
  16. They are threatened by habitat loss and conservation efforts are on to protect them.
  17. A famous Water Vole in literature is Ratty from the ‘Wind In The Willows’.

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