Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Mammalia
                       Family : Daubentoniidae
                        Group : Mammal

        Scientific Name : Daubentonia
                       Colour : Black, Dark Brown
                  Skin Type : Fur

                       Size(L) : 30cm - 40cm 
                                         (12in - 15in)
                       Weight : 2kg - 2.7kg 
                                         (4lbs - 6lbs)
                  Top Speed : 32kph (20mph)
                   Life Span : 10 - 23 years

 Distinctive Features : Elongated middle 
                                       finger with hooked 
                   Fun Fact : Thought to be extinct 
                                        until 1957!
  1. The Aye Aye is a species of Lemur inhabiting Madagascar Rain forests.
  2. They are incredibly unique in their appearance and are the largest nocturnal primates in the world.
  3. Their body is covered in black or dark brown fur.
  4. They have large eyes, pointed face and rodent-like teeth.
  5. They have great hearing, enabled by large, sensitive ears.
  6. Their uniquely shaped claws help them in detecting and extracting their food.
  7. They inhabit dense tropical and coastal rain forests and secondary forests.
  8. They eat, travel and mate in trees and sleep in spherical nests on trees.
  9. Aye Aye breed throughout the year.
  10. After mating, a female Aye Aye gives birth to a single infant after a 5-month gestation.
  11. They are omnivores feeding on other animals and plant matter.
  12. They are believed to be the only primates to use echolocation for searching food.
  13. They have very few natural predators like Fossa.
  14. Humans pose a big threat to them and kill them for superstitious reasons.
  15. Habitat loss and deforestation are also a great threat to their existence.
  16. They have numerous nests in their territory and sleep in a different one every night.
  17. Interestingly, they get their name from the way humans react on spotting them.



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