Name : West Highland Terrier
     Origin : Great Britain
         Size : 30cm (12in)

    Weight : 10kg (22lbs)
Life Span : 15 years
     Group : Terrier
  1. The West Highland Terrier is a small dog that originated in the UK.
  2. They are popular and lovable dogs who are commonly known as Westies.
  3. It is usually white in colour with bright, almond shaped eyes and perky ears.
  4. They are active, friendly, intelligent and lively dogs who loves going on walks.
  5. They are quite loud and bark often at anything suspicious or new.
  6. They are also extremely curious and love chasing after smaller animals!
  7. They have two coats and hence need regular brushing and grooming.
  8. They adapt well to apartment living as they do not require too much space.
  9. Being alert, they are good watch dogs but being non-aggressive they aren’t good guards.
  10. The West Highland Terrier was originally bred to catch rats in farms.
  11. They are unsuitable for homes with small kids since they don’t like rough handling.
  12. These dogs are also possessive about their toys and love playing with balls.
  13. The West Highland Terrier can live for about 12 – 15 years approximately.
  14. They need repeated and consistent training but are loyal and devoted to their owners
  15. Average litter size of the West Highland Terrier is between 2 – 5 puppies.
  16. They are prone to dry skin and hence must not be bathed often.
  17. They are also prone to some genetic disorders such as hernias and “lion jaws”.

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