Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Actinopterygii
                       Family : Acanthuridae
        Scientific Name : Acanthuridae

                       Size(L) : 15cm - 40cm 
                                       (6in - 16in)
               Water Type : Salt
 Optimum pH Level : 8.0 - 8.5
                  Life Span : 8 - 12 years

                       Colour : Black, Yellow, Red, 
                                       Blue, Silver
                  Skin Type : Scales
 Distinctive Features : Pointed snout and 
                                      razor-sharp scalpel at
                                      the base their tail
  1. Colour full and attractive, Tang fishes come in a variety of eye-catching colours.
  2. Tangs are related to Surgeon Fish and Unicorn Fish.
  3. There are around 80 species of Tangs like the Achilles Tang, Kole Tang, etc.
  4. Dory from the famous animated movie Finding Nemo is a Blue Tang fish.
  5. They are characterized by sharp spines on their tails which are used for defence.
  6. These spines called scalpels are also used to anchor them to rocks or reefs.
  7. Tangs are not solitary fishes and are usually found in schools.
  8. Tangs are gentle, peaceful and harmless fishes.
  9. Tangs coexist with other aquatic animals and are often seen swimming with sea turtles.
  10. Their main predators include larger fishes such as sharks and also jellyfishes and crustaceans.
  11. Tangs are found near shallow coral reefs in warm, salty, tropical waters.
  12. They mainly eat algae but occasionally also small fish and other aquatic plants.
  13. Tangs can live for a long time; approximately 12 – 15 years.
  14. Although they are a favourite in aquariums, Tangs can grow to astonishingly long lengths.
  15. Female Tangs produce about 40,000 eggs at a time, which are fertilized by males.
  16. The eggs hatch in less than a week and are called as a fry.
  17. Tangs are under a threatened conservation status owing to the destruction of coral reefs.

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