Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Mammalia
                Family : Equidae
 Scientific Name : Equus zebra x Equus

                Colour : Tan, Brown, Black,
                                 Red, White, Grey
           Skin Type : Fur
               Size(H) : 130cm - 163cm 
                                (51in - 64in)
                Weight : 227kg - 450kg 
                                 (500lbs - 992lbs)

          Top Speed : 64km/h (40mph)
           Life Span : 15 - 30 years
Most Distinctive 
              Feature : Unique dark stripes
                                are boldest on legs 
            Fun Fact : The offspring of a 
                                Zebra and Horse
  1. A Zorse is an offspring of a male Zebra and a female Horse.
  2. The Zorse looks more like a Horse but has the stripes of a Zebra.
  3. The pattern of the stripes are unique to every Zorse like a fingerprint.
  4. They are strong and robust animals who are used for doing heavy work.
  5. Wild Zorses are extremely rare and most are bred in animal institutions like zoos.
  6. Like their parents, Zorses are herbivores who eat only grass, leaves, shrubs and fruits.
  7. They have an acute sense of sight as well as sharp hearing and smell.
  8. Zorses are diurnal animals who keep grazing for the most part of the day.
  9. They are social animals who prefer staying together in a herd rather than alone.
  10. Their main predators are carnivores like lion lions, leopards, wolves and crocodiles.
  11. Zorses attain sexual maturity around 1 – 2 years when they are ready to mate.
  12. Similar to other hybrid animals, Zorses are infertile and cannot reproduce by themselves.
  13. Zorses have a decent lifespan, living for about 15 – 30 years on an average.
  14. Gestation period of Zorses is about 11 months and litter size is usually one.
  15. Foals are weaned around 6 months and become independent in 2 years.
  16. Zorses are known to be sturdy and muscular like Horses and fast like Zebras.


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