Kingdom : Animalia
                        Class : Aves
                     Family : Cotingidae
      Scientific Name : Cephalopterus

                     Colour : Black
                Skin Type : Feathers
                    Size(H) : 38cm - 50cm
                                     (15in - 20in)
              Wing Span : 66cm - 71cm 
                                     (26in - 28in)

                     Weight : 320g - 570g 
                                      (11.30z - 20oz)
                 Life Span : 12 - 20 years
Distinctive Features : Umbrella-like crest 
                                      and black feathers
                   Fun Fact : Migrates up and 
                                     down the mountains
  1. Umbrella bird is a large bird found in the rain forests of Central and South America.
  2. They are black, have a distinctive crest on their heads and a pronounced wattle.
  3. Female Umbrella birds are smaller than males and also have a smaller crest and wattle.
  4. The wattle helps to amplify the Umbrella birds calls making them loud and booming.
  5. Although Umbrella birds live mainly on trees, surprisingly they cannot fly very well.
  6. Umbrella birds are diurnal and have an omnivorous diet of fruits, seeds, insects and spiders.
  7. There are 3 main species of Umbrella birds: Long-Wattled Umbrella bird, Amazonian Umbrella bird and Bare-Necked Umbrella bird.
  8. They are altitudinal migrants as they move from to different altitudes of the mountains.
  9. They are usually solitary birds but congregate in groups called lek during mating season.
  10. Males attract females by fanning out their crests and by making low rumbling sounds.
  11. Mating season is March – June and females build nests to lay just one egg.
  12. Incubation period for Umbrella birds is 1 month and chicks fledge around 8 – 10 weeks.
  13. Umbrella birds attain sexual maturity and are ready for reproduction around 2 – 4 years.
  14. The main predators of Umbrella birds are large birds of prey, snakes and monkeys.
  15. Umbrella birds are threatened because of hunting and loss of habitat due to deforestation.
  16. Umbrella birds can live for about 12 – 20 years.


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