Kingdom : Animalia 
                                 Class : Reptilia
                              Family : Varanidae
               Scientific Name : Varanus 

                              Colour : Grey, Brown, 
                         Skin Type : Scales
                              Size(L) : 2m - 3.1m 
                                             (6.6ft - 10.3ft)
                              Weight : 70kg - 150kg 
                                             (150lbs - 300lbs)

                         Top Speed : 18km/h (11mph)
                          Life Span : 25 - 40 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Long and deep 
                                             forked tongue to 
                                             taste the air
                           Fun Fact : Only found on 
                                              five Indonesian
  1. Komodo Dragons are a large species of lizard found exclusively in few of the Indonesian islands.
  2. Interestingly, their existence was not known to the world till about a 100 years back.
  3. They are lizards of enormous size growing to be between 2m and 3m and weighing around 100-150 kg.
  4. They are extremely strong and powerful animals with thick, long bodies, short muscular legs and a strong tail.
  5. They have small heads, powerful jaws and their mouth is believed to have deadly bacteria.
  6. They sense their surroundings by “tasting” the scent particles or through smelling by sticking out their forked tongue.
  7. By this unique sensory mechanism, they are able to spot their prey dead or alive from as far as 8km!
  8. They are powerful, solitary predators, which ambush their prey with exceptional force and speed.
  9. The 50 types of toxic bacteria in their mouth get transferred to the prey thereby infecting them and killing them within 24 hours.
  10. They prey on large mammals like goats, deer, pigs, horses and even water buffaloes.
  11. The female Komodo Dragon lays around 25 eggs which hatch after 8-9 months of incubation.
  12. Young Komodo Dragons are completely independent by the time they hatch out.
  13. Despite their huge size, they have the ability to move at top speeds reaching 11mph.
  14. They have been known to attack, ambush and bite humans and are actually one of the known man-eaters.
  15. Despite this, humans have hunted them.
  16. Habitat loss and hunting have made the Komodo dragons a species that is vulnerable.


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