Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Reptilia
                 Family : Helodermatidae
  Scientific Name : Heloderma Suspectum

                      Size : 30 - 60cm (12 - 24in)
                 Weight : 1.3 - 2.2kg (3 - 5lbs)
           Top Speed : 24km/h (15mph)
            Life Span : 20 - 30 years

                Colour : Tan, Brown, Black, 
                                 grey, White
           Skin Type : Scales
Special Features : Fat-storing tail and
                               venomous bite
  1. Gila Monsters are large lizards found in southern USA and the northern parts of Mexico.
  2. There are only two venomous lizard species found in North America, and Gila Monster is one of them.
  3. They glands below their teeth on the bottom jaw contain venom which is released when the Gila monster bites its prey.
  4. Once the venom kills the prey, the Gila monster consumes it.
  5. They inhabit the sheltered dry parts of Central America like the shrub lands, forests, woodlands, and semi deserts.
  6. The Gila Monster’s tail stores fat to help them survive when food is scarce in arid conditions.
  7. Once the Gila Monster consumes food, its tail swells up and gets smaller as the stored fat is used up.
  8. They live in underground burrows and use their powerful, short legs and sharp claws to dig burrows.
  9. They are carnivores feeding on reptile and bird eggs, frogs, insects, reptiles, and small mammals.
  10. Their natural predators are Coyotes and their eggs are preyed upon by the birds of prey.
  11. Humans are also known to kill them in the pretext of self-defense.
  12. The female Gila monster lays around 2-15 eggs which hatch after a year-long incubation.
  13. The eggs are buried underground by the female Gila monster.

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