Kingdom : Animalia
                       Class : Insecta
                    Family : Apidae
     Scientific Name : Apis

                         Size : 5 - 15mm (0.4 - 0.6in)
 Average Life Span : 6 weeks
                    Colour : Brown, Yellow, 
               Skin Type : Hair
    Special Features : Black and yellow 
                                   body and sting on
                                   tail of the female
  1. The Honey Bees are small bees found all around the world.
  2. There are around 7 recognized species, and 44 sub species of Honey Bees.
  3. They inhabit forests, jungles, meadows and gardens.
  4. They are believed to originate from the South-East Asian Jungles.
  5. They are most famous for their involvement in production of honey.
  6. The honey bees build and live in a hive which is run by the Queen Honey Bee.
  7. The bees collect nectar from flowers and take it back to the hive to turn it into honey.
  8. The queen bee is the one laying eggs. The eggs are laid in a mound and sealed with wax.
  9. When the eggs hatch, the larvae eat their way out of the wax.
  10. The honey bees communicate by moving their tail, which is also called the dance language.
  11. They use this form of communication to warn each other about any danger.
  12. They are herbivores getting their nutrients from nectar, pollen, fruits and honey.
  13. They are vital to the ecosystem as 80% of the world’s crops are pollinated by the bees.
  14. Their numerous predators include Birds, small mammals, reptiles and other insects.
  15. Bears are also notorious for destroying bee hives to get to the honey inside.
  16. High pollution and habitat loss have made honey bees an endangered species

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