Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Holothuroidea
        Scientific Name : Holothuroidea
                            Size : 0.6 - 30cm 
                                       (0.25 - 12in)

               Water Type : Salt
  Optimum pH Level : 7.5 - 8.4
                   Life Span : 1 -4 years
                       Colour : Yellow, Tan, White, 
                                       Black, Orange, 

                  Skin Type : Smooth
       Special Features : Elongated body
                                       shape and colourfull 
  1. Sea slugs are marine animals that are found in the oceans all around the world.
  2. There are more than a 1,000 species of sea slugs found in the world.
  3. Depending on the species, they vary in size, color and shape.
  4. They are also known as Sea Cucumbers as they are mostly motionless and also because of their shape.
  5. They are usually found on coral rocks and are known to feed on the decomposing matter on the sea floor.
  6. Consequently, they are extremely beneficial and important for the sea environment and other sea animals.
  7. They are herbivores, feeding on algae, plankton and decomposing matter on the ocean floor.
  8. Their numerous natural predators include lobsters, fish, crabs, other marine predatory animals and humans.
  9. Unfortunately, they are defenseless against their predators, unless they are a species with tentacles.
  10. The sea slugs with tentacles can wrap themselves around their predators, thereby preventing them from harming.
  11. Sea slugs are hermaphrodites, having both the male and female reproductive organs.
  12. They release eggs in sticky clusters, which appear like a ribbon and are then fertilized.
  13. The eggs hatch and the sea slug larvae soon grow bigger.
  14. Interestingly, humans have harvested sea slugs for medicines as they supposedly have healing properties.
  15. Apart from that humans also harvest them as a source of food.



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