Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Amphibia
                       Family : Bufonidae
        Scientific Name : Bufo Marinus

                       Size(L) : 10cm - 15cm 
                                       (4in - 6in)
                       Weight : 200g - 800g 
                                       (7oz - 28oz)
                 Top Speed : 8km/h (5mph)
                  Life Span : 10 - 15 years

                      Colour : Black, Green, Grey, 
                                      Brown, Tan
                 Skin Type : Permeable
Distinctive Features : Large body size
                                     and rough skin
  1. Marine Toads are a species of toad found in Central and South America.
  2. They are also known as the cane toad or the giant toad.
  3. They inhabit the subtropical forests and are one of the species that spend most of their time on land.
  4. They get their name as cane toads from the fact that they eradicate pests from sugar-cane.
  5. Due to their pest -control- quality, they have been introduced in many of the non-native regions.
  6. Consequently, their ruthless nature has also made them a pest to the native species of those regions.
  7. They grow to an average size of around 15cm.
  8. They have toxic glands which result in their skin being toxic.
  9. This also means that any animal consuming them has had to face serious consequences.
  10. Interestingly, humans have used the marine toads for numerous purposes, apart from using them as pest controllers.
  11. The toxins derived from the marine toad is said to be used as arrow poison and also as narcotics.
  12. They are carnivores, feeding on insects, rodents, birds, reptiles and other amphibians.
  13. Their natural predators are snakes, rats, caiman, eels, opossums and birds of prey.
  14. They transform themselves into ground-dwelling toads from water -dwelling tadpoles within a few months.
  15. The marine toad tadpoles are also extremely toxic for the animals that consume them.

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