Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Aves
                      Family Columbidae
       Scientific Name Raphus Cucullatus

                     Size(H) : 1m (3ft)
                     Weight 20kg (44lbs)
                 Life Span 10 - 30 years
                      Colour : Grey, Black,
                                      White, Brown

                 Skin Type : Feathers
Distinctive Features : Hooked beak and 
                                      unable fly
  1. Dodos were large flightless birds discovered in Mauritius in the 1590s.
  2. They were declared to be extinct in the year 1681.
  3. Though they were large in size like the turkey, they were closely related to doves and pigeons.
  4. They inhabited the tropical forests of Mauritius.
  5. They had a large body, stubby wings, a curved, small tail, short legs and a large beak.
  6. Their large curved beak was their most distinctive feature.
  7. Their feathers were grey, black and white in color.
  8. They ate the ripe fruits that fell to the ground.
  9. They were known to eat the fruits of the Tambalacoque tree which is also known as the dodo tree.
  10. Interestingly, those trees are also on the verge of extinction as they depended on dodos for reproduction.
  11. The seeds could only germinate after going through the digestive system of the dodo as it has a very thick coating.
  12. They were known to be fearless of the European invaders.
  13. They didn’t have any natural predators till humans invaded Mauritius in the 16th
  14. Humans hunted dodos for their meat and the domestic animals introduced by humans completely ransacked their nests of their eggs.
  15. This lead to their entire species to be extinct within 80 years.

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