Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Aves
                Family : Cettidae
 Scientific Name : Cettia diphone

                Colour : Olive, Brown, Green
           Skin Type : Feathers
                Size(L) : 14cm - 16.5cm
                                 (5.5in - 6.5in)
         Wing Span : 20cm - 22cm 
                                 (7.9in - 9in)

                Weight : 15g - 22g 
                                 (0.5oz - 0.7oz)
          Top Speed : 29kph (18mph)
           Life Span : 2 - 5 years
Most Distinctive 
              Feature : Has light-coloured lines
                                above the eyes
            Fun Fact : Their guano is used 
                                 in face creams!
  1. The Uguisu is a small bird found in the Far-East, particularly in Japan.
  2. It is also known as the Japanese Bush Warbler and the Japanese Nightingale.
  3. The bird has a lovely voice and sings a beautiful melody especially in spring.
  4. It is a shy bird which keeps to itself and hides among shadowy foliage.
  5. They are diurnal which means they are more active during daytime than at night.
  6. They are plain looking with olive green or light brown feathers and long tails.
  7. They are omnivorous and eat fruits, seeds, worms, insects, beetles, bugs, moths, grasshoppers etc.
  8. The Uguisu breed in spring when the males attract the females with their singing.
  9. The Uguisu lives for about 2 – 5 years and average clutch size is 3.
  10. The eggs are incubated by females for 2- 3 weeks after which they hatch.
  11. The chicks are looked after by the mother till they fledge around 2 weeks.
  12. Their predators are snakes, birds of prey and humans who like to cage them.
  13. The droppings of the Uguisu is used in cosmetics as a skin whitening product.
  14. Uguisubari refers to a floor with squeaking floorboards that sound like the Uguisu’s chirping.
  15. A female announcer with a pretty voice is also referred to as an Uguisu-Jo.


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