Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Insecta
                       Family : Nymphalidae
        Scientific Name : Apatura Iris

                      Size(L) : 6.2cm - 7.4cm 
                                         (2.4in - 2.9in)
   Average Life Span : 1 - 6 months
                      Colour : Purple, Blue, Brown, 
                                      Black, White, 
                                      Orange, Yellow
                 Skin Type : Hair
Distinctive Features : Long, curled tongue 
                                      and brightly 
                                      coloured wings
  1. Purple emperors are a species of butterfly found in the European woodlands.
  2. They are best known for the blue- purple wings of the male butterflies.
  3. They inhabit the deciduous woodlands and ancient forests of southern United Kingdom.
  4. They spend most of their lives high up on trees.
  5. Notably, only the male purple emperor has thee blue-purple markings on their wings.
  6. The female purple emperor butterfly is a dull brown with an orange circle and a few white markings on their wings.
  7. The female purple emperor butterflies only come down to the ground to lay eggs and spend most of their lives on trees.
  8. The males come down from trees to drink water and are known to defend their territory from rivals.
  9. Interestingly, they do not feed from flowers like other butterflies but feed on honeydew secretes by aphids.
  10. They also feed on sap from oak trees, animal carcasses, dung and urine.
  11. The female purple emperor butterfly lays eggs, on the upper side of leaves, in late summer.
  12. The purple emperor caterpillars that hatch are green in color with white and yellow markings on them.
  13. Soon, they transform into adult butterflies through an incredible transformation.
  14. Purple emperor butterflies are threatened from extinction because habitat loss through deforestation.
  15. Increasing levels of noise and chemical pollution also adds to this threat.

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