Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Gastropoda
                 Family : Achatinidae
  Scientific Name : Achatina Fulica

                      Size : 15 - 30cm (6 - 11.8in)
                 Weight : 250 - 450g (8.8 - 15.9oz)
           Top Speed : 0.003km/h (0.002mph)
            Life Span : 3 - 10 years

                Colour : Brown, Yellow, Red
           Skin Type : Hard Outer Shell
Special Features : Hard protactive shell and 
                                have both male and
                                female reproductive 
  1. The Giant African Land Snail is the largest snail species on land.
  2. They grow to be around 15-30cm in length.
  3. They are found in the East African forests and have been introduced to many islands in the Pacific and Indian Ocean.
  4. They are known to carry parasites and therefore are not allowed as pets in certain countries.
  5. They are also considered as pests known to cause huge destruction to crops and wild flowers.
  6. They are quite invasive as a species and a single individual can make a large colony of land snails.
  7. They have both the male and female reproductive organs and are capable of reproducing by themselves.
  8. They lay around 200 eggs per clutch and lay around 6 clutches per year.
  9. Around 90% of their eggs hatch, which leads to a staggering number of snails within a very short span of time.
  10. They inhabit the humid forests, agricultural areas, coastlands, shrub lands, urban areas and wetlands.
  11. They continue to grow throughout their lifetime and live to be around 5-6 years old, on an average.
  12. Interestingly, they go into a summer sleep in conditions of extreme drought which averages to around 3 times a year.
  13. They do this to retain their water content and seal themselves inside their shell.
  14. They are herbivores feeding on leaves, vegetables, fruits and flowers.
  15. Their natural predators are wildcats, birds and humans.

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