Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Reptilia
                 Family : Gekkonidae
  Scientific Name : Gekkonidae

                      Size : 0.1 - 40cm 
                                 (0.04 - 15.7in)
                 Weight : 18g (0.5oz)
           Top Speed : 48km/h (30mph)
            Life Span : 2 - 9 years

                Colour : Tan, Black, Brown, 
                                White, Green, Blue, 
                                Orange, Yellow
           Skin Type : Scales
Special Features : Elongated body and able
                                 to walk up vertical 
  1. Geckos are small-medium lizards found in the world’s tropical and temperate regions.
  2. They most commonly inhabit the areas around the equator in the southern hemisphere.
  3. There are around 2000 recognized species of Gecko in the world.
  4. Depending on the species they differ in color and the markings on their body.
  5. They inhabit various warm habitats like the rocky deserts, mountains, jungles, rainforests, grasslands and urban areas.
  6. They vary in size from 2cm to 60 cm, with the smallest gecko species being the Jaragua Sphaero.
  7. They are extremely agile and are best known for their ability to walk up on smooth, vertical surfaces.
  8. This is made possible by the tiny hair on their feet that act as sucker pads and stick to the surface.
  9. They are carnivores feeding on insects, worms, small birds, reptiles and small mammals.
  10. They have their natural predators in snakes, large spiders, birds and some mammals.
  11. The female Gecko lays around two soft eggs, which harden very soon.
  12. The eggs are known to hatch between 1-3 months, depending on the species.
  13. The baby Geckos are not nursed or looked after by their parents after they hatch.
  14. Geckos are quite popular as exotic pets around the world.
  15. Du to pollution and habitat loss, they are an endangered species today.

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