Kingdom : Animalia
                       Class : Myriapoda
     Scientific Name : Diplopoda
                         Size : 1.5 - 38cm (0.5 - 15in)

Average Life Span : 7 years
                   Colour : Red, Black, Yellow,
                                    Orange, Brown
              Skin Type : Shell
   Special Features : Segmented body and 
                                   many legs
  1. Millipedes are medium-large sized invertebrates found all around the world except Antarctica.
  2. They inhabit the dark, cool and damp places, usually under the rocks or decaying log.
  3. They belong to the same family as the centipede but have more number of legs.
  4. Despite their name, they do not have a thousand legs but have between 80-400 legs.
  5. They are very commonly found in the southern hemisphere.
  6. There are around 10,000 species of millipede found in the world.
  7. Depending on the species, they grow to be any size from 1.5cm-38cm.
  8. The number of legs of the millipede varies with the species
  9. All species have one pair of legs in the first section and two pairs of legs in the later section.
  10. All the legs are coordinated to work together in a wave-like motion.
  11. They are omnivores mainly feeding on decaying and dead plant material, with the larger species also feeding on insects.
  12. Their natural predators are foxes, badgers, small rodents and birds.
  13. Some of the millipede species release a foul smelling liquid to put off their predators.
  14. The female millipede lays around 500 sticky eggs which hatch out baby millipedes with only 3 pairs of legs.
  15. The baby millipede often sheds its skin while growing and each time after shedding, they have more number of body segments.

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