Name : Yorkshire Terrier
     Origin : Great Britain
         Size : 22cm (9in)

    Weight : 3kg (7lbs)
Life Span : 15 years
     Group : Terrier
  1. Yorkshire Terriers are frisky and smart little dogs that are originally from England.
  2. Yorkshire Terriers were first developed to catch rodents in clothing mills and mines.
  3. Yorkshire Terriers are active, curious and intelligent dogs that are great house pets.
  4. Affectionately called as Yorkies, they make good watchdogs since they bark a lot.
  5. They don’t shed a lot but their coat requires regular grooming, trimming and brushing.
  6. Yorkshire Terriers are adventurous and live for about 15 years on an average.
  7. Yorkshire Terriers are playful dogs and make good companions for first-time dog owners.
  8. They enjoy being petted and pampered by their owners but are wary of strangers.
  9. They are adaptable, requiring small spaces, so they are well-suited to be apartment dogs.
  10. Yorkshire Terriers enjoy their daily walks and need a fair amount of exercise.
  11. Yorkshire Terriers are loyal dogs who are affectionate and protective towards their owners.
  12. The average litter size of Yorkshire Terriers is about 4 puppies.
  13. Yorkies have delicate bone structures, making them fragile and needing to be handled gently.
  14. They need lots of exposure and socialization for their mental health and overall well-being.
  15. If left unattended for too long, Yorkshire Terriers can become skittish, bored and destructive.

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