Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Actinopterygii
                      Family : Poeciliidae
       Scientific Name : Poecilia Reticulata

                      Size(L) : 4cm - 7.6cm 
                                     (1.5in - 3in)
                  Life Span : 2 - 4 years
                 Skin Type : Scales
Distinctive Features : Brightly coloured 
                                      body and fins and 
                                      give birth to 
                                      live young
  1. The guppy is a small species of colorful fish found in the South American Lakes.
  2. There are around 300 different types of guppies found across South America.
  3. They are quite popular aquarium fish as they are easy to keep, small and colorful.
  4. They are colorful and have elaborate patterns on their tail fins.
  5. The female guppies are larger than the males with a small, patterned tail.
  6. Whereas the male guppies are slightly smaller with longer fin tails with fewer markings.
  7. Distinctively, the female guppies give birth to live young ones as their eggs are incubated and hatched inside their bodies.
  8. About 100 baby guppies, called fry, are born at a time and are immediately able to fend for themselves.
  9. The guppy fry grows into an adult in a couple of months.
  10. They get their name as the million fish because of their ability to procreate multiple times through stored sperm.
  11. Interestingly, they help in slowing down the spread of malaria by eating the mosquito larvae before they can fly.
  12. Therefore, as a means of mosquito prevention, they have been introduced to other countries.
  13. Guppies are omnivores, feeding mainly on algae, brine shrimp and a wide range of organic matter.
  14. Their natural predators are birds like kingfishers and larger fish.

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