Kingdom : Animalia
                            Class : Mammalia
                         Family : Myrmecophagidae
          Scientific Name : Myrmecophaga 

                        Size(L) : 0.9m - 2.1m 
                                         (3ft - 7ft)
                        Weight : 18kg - 40kg 
                                         (40lbs - 88lbs)
                  Top Speed : 30kmph (18mph)
                   Life Span : 9 - 20 years

                       Colour : Brown, Grey, 
                                         Black, Tan
                  Skin Type : Fur
 Distinctive Features : Elongated snout and
                                      long sticky tongue
  1. Anteaters are found across the southern hemisphere, mostly in Africa, Asia and Australia.
  2. They are medium-sized insect-eating mammals.
  3. Giant Anteaters, Collared Anteaters, Silky Anteaters, Spiny Anteaters and Echidna are various types of Anteaters.
  4. Their average size is 1m in length, it may vary according to the species, though.
  5. The Giant Anteater is the largest Anteater species and may grow up to 2 m in length.
  6. They inhabit central and south American grasslands, forests, jungles and lower mountain regions.
  7. They have a narrow head, long nose, small eyes and round ears with a long bushy tail.
  8. They may be grey or brown in color with a distinctive white-banded black stripe along their body.
  9. They have a keen sense of smell that helps them detect their food.
  10. They are known to be very aggressive against their predators.
  11. They use their powerful legs and long claws to defend themselves.
  12. The female gives birth to a single young one after a 6-month gestation.
  13. The baby anteaters become independent after a couple of years.
  14. Habitat loss and over hunting by humans are bringing down their numbers.

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