Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Mammalia
                  Family : Bovidae
   Scientific Name : Bos Primigenius 

                       Size : 86 - 106cm (34 - 42in)
                  Weight : 150 - 200kg
                                  (330 - 440lbs)
            Top Speed : 40km/h (25mph)
             Life Span : 12 - 16 years

                 Colour : Brown, Black, White
            Skin Type : Leather
 Special Features : Small size and hump 
                                  behind head
  1. The Zebu is a strong and sturdy cattle species which originated in South Asia.
  2. There are around 75 different species of Zebus known to us so far.
  3. Their distinctive features include a hump and a flap of skin called dewlaps.
  4. They are used for dairy, agricultural work and also for meat and hide.
  5. Although Zebus were wild and found in jungles, they have been domesticated over time.
  6. They withstand high temperatures and are extremely disease resistant thus thriving in tropical conditions.
  7. They are not solitary animals and prefer to be in peaceful herds.
  8. They can live for 12 – 16 years on an average and are gentle animals.
  9. They are herbivores who eat grass, hay, leaves, shrubs, grains and herbs.
  10. Gestation period for Zebu calves is 285 days and average litter size is 1.
  11. Zebus are hardy and robust animals and hence are used for labour intensive tasks.
  12. They are smaller than other cattle species and have less meat which is tougher.
  13. Their droopy ears are often considered as a sign of a pure bred Zebu.
  14. They are considered holy in India and consumption is forbidden in some regions.

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