Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Actinopterygii
                       Family : Characidae
        Scientific Name : Pristella maxillaris

                       Colour : Silver, Yellow,
                                       Black, White
                   Skin type : Scales
                      Size(H) : 3.2cm - 5cm 
                                       (1.6in - 1.9in)
               Water Type : Fresh, Brackish

                  Life Span : 2 - 5 years
 Distinctive Features : Striped fins and 
                                       translucent skin
                    Fun Fact : Yellow, black and 
                                        white striped fins!
  1. X-Ray Tetras are small, colour ful fishes found in the Amazonian coasts in South America.
  2. Other common names for the X-Ray Tetra is Golden Pristella Tetra, Water Goldfinch etc.
  3. They were first described by Ulrey in 1894 and males are smaller than females.
  4. They have translucent skins through which their backbones are seen clearly.
  5. They are carnivorous and eat worms, insect larvae, small crustaceans and insects.
  6. X-Ray Tetras are very adaptable and can live in both soft and hard waters.
  7. They can hear very well thanks to a bony structure called Weberian apparatus.
  8. X-Ray Tetras can live for about 2 – 5 years on an average.
  9. They are a favourite in freshwater aquariums as they are easy to maintain.
  10. They are sociable, living in groups called schools and co-exist with other fish species.
  11. They are diurnal fishes, staying active during the day but resting at night.
  12. They must be protected from larger fish which can attack the smaller X-Ray Tetras.
  13. They usually reproduce during the rainy season and average spawn size is 350 eggs.
  14. Incubation period is 24 hours and baby X-Ray Tetras are called Frys.

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