Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Mammalia
                      Family : Elephantidae
       Scientific Name : Mammuthus 

                           Size : 1.8m - 4m 
                                       (6ft - 13ft)
                      Weight : 8000kg (8.8tons)
                  Life Span : 60 - 80 years
                      Colour : Brown, Black, Tan

                 Skin Type : Hair
Distinctive Features : Long, thick hair 
                                      and enormous tusks
  1. Woolly Mammoths are large mammals which became extinct thousands of years ago.
  2. They are related to elephants and lived in the cold and frozen Arctic regions.
  3. They had thick coats, short ears and tails in order to survive cold conditions.
  4. They also had 4 inches of subcutaneous fat as additional insulation against icy storms.
  5. Their curved tusks were huge and were used to hunt and also to fight.
  6. Woolly Mammoths were social animals who lived in groups called herds.
  7. Fossil specimens of Woolly Mammoths have been well-preserved as they freeze in the Arctic.
  8. Despite their size, Woolly Mammoths were herbivores and ate grass, twigs, leaves and shoots.
  9. The only known natural predator of the Woolly Mammoth was the Sabre-Toothed Tiger.
  10. Woolly Mammoths have been depicted in many cave paintings by ancient humans.
  11. Gestation periods for Woolly Mammoths is believed to be more than a year.
  12. Usually only a single calf was born which was looked after by the mothers.
  13. Woolly Mammoths had a long lifespan of around 70 years.
  14. They became extinct at the end of the Ice Age and because of hunting.

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