Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Reptilia
                        Family :  Auguidae
         Scientific Name : Ophisaurus

                       Size(L) : 60cm - 121cm 
                                       (2ft - 4ft)
                       Weight : 300g - 600g 
                                       (11oz - 21oz)
                 Top Speed : 9.7km/h (6mph)
                  Life Span : 10 - 30 years

                      Colour : Black, Brown, Tan, 
                                     Yellow, Grey, Green
                 Skin Type : Scales
Distinctive Features : Forked tongue and 
                                     detachable tail
  1. The Glass Lizard are a group of reptiles, resembling snakes, found all around the world.
  2. Though they resemble snakes, they are actually Lizards.
  3. They are also known as the glass snake or the jointed snake.
  4. They are distinguished from snakes through their movable eyelids and external ear-openings.
  5. Most of the glass lizards do not have legs and a few of them have very tiny stub-like legs.
  6. They may grow to be between 60cm and 120cm and around 2/3 of this length is their tail.
  7. They get their name from being easily breakable, their tail can be dropped off and can break into several pieces.
  8. Interestingly, the tail remains mobile and the lizard stays motionless to distract its predator.
  9. A lot of effort is required to replace the loss of body mass through the tail and usually, the new tail is shorter.
  10. They are nocturnal animals known to replenish their energy by laying in sunlight, and hunt actively at night.
  11. They are carnivores feeding on insects, small mammals, rodents, frogs, birds and eggs.
  12. Their natural predators include many mammals, snakes and birds of prey.
  13. They are known to breed in early summer and the female glass lizard leys her eggs in dense forest foliage or on a log.
  14. The female glass lizard also attends to her eggs till they hatch.

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