Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Crustacea
                 Family : Oniscidea
  Scientific Name : Oniscidea

                      Size : 3 - 30mm (0.1 - 1.1in)
            Life Span : 2 years
                Colour : Grey, Black, Brown
           Skin Type : Shell
Special Features : Segmented body and 
                                 can curl into a ball
  1. The Woodlouse is a small crustacean found in forests all over the world.
  2. They are the only terrestrial crustaceans, living on land and not in water.
  3. There are more than 3000 different species of Woodlouse known to us so far.
  4. Their bodies have 14 segments and they curl up into a ball when threatened.
  5. They have a hard exoskeleton, which moults in two stages as the Woodlouse grows.
  6. They are herbivores and feed on decaying plant matter found on the forest floor.
  7. Their main predators include toads, spiders, centipedes and millipedes.
  8. Females can lay about 24 eggs which they carry in a brood pouch.
  9. Incubation period is only 2 days and lifespan of Woodlouse is about 2 years.
  10. Young Woodlice are cared for by the mother till they become independent.
  11. Some common names for Woodlouse are Armadillo Bug, Pill Bug, Roll Up Bug etc.
  12. Woodlice don’t spread any diseases but they can feed on young saplings in gardens.
  13. However Woodlice are beneficial to the ecosystem as they play their role of decomposers.
  14. While crustaceans like lobsters are considered as delicacies, Woodlice are not consumed by humans.

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