Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Chonodrichthyes
                 Family : Sphyrnidae
  Scientific Name : Sphyrna Zygaena

                      Size : 3.5 - 6m (11.5 - 20ft)
                 Weight : 230 - 450kg 
                                (500 - 1000lbs)
           Top Speed : 40km/h (25mph)
            Life Span : 20 - 25 years

                Colour : Grey, Brown, White
           Skin Type : Smooth
Special Features : Broad,flat head and 
                                large eyes
  1. Hammerhead Sharks are found all around the world in warm waters of the ocean.
  2. They get their name from their distinct broad, flat head which appears like a hammer.
  3. Their hammerhead helps them detect their prey easily by increasing their sensitivity to sonar activity.
  4. Along with their five senses, their detection of sonar waves almost makes it six senses for them.
  5. Their head comprises of two projections on the sides of their face making up a rectangular shape.
  6. Their eyes and nostrils are situated at the ends of the hammer enabling them with better vision and smell.
  7. There are 9 species of hammerhead sharks in the world varying in length from 3-20m.
  8. The Great Hammerhead Shark is the largest species of hammerhead shark in the world
  9. They are also known to be aggressive towards humans.
  10. Hammerhead sharks inhabit the shallow coastal waters along the continental shelves
  11. They are solitary nocturnal hunters but gather in schools of around 100 individuals during daytime.
  12. They are known to migrate in large numbers during summers towards cooler waters.
  13. They hunt and prey on large fish and small water mammals.


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