Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Aves
                       Family : Recurvirostridae
                           Type : Bird
        Scientific Name : Recurvirosta
                  Skin Type : Feathers
                   Life Span : 10 - 15 years
                        Size(L) : 42cm - 45cm
                                        (16in - 18in)

                Wing Span : 77cm - 80cm 
                                        (30in - 32in)
                       Weight : 140kg - 400kg 
                                        (5oz - 14oz)
                 Top Speed : 40km/h (25mph)

                      Colour : White, Black
Distinctive Features : Long curved beak 
                                     and stricking plumage
  1. The Avocets are wading birds found in mudflats in the warmer climates across the world.
  2. There are 4 species- The Pied Avocet, The American Avocet, the Red-Necked Avocet and the Andean Avocet.
  3. The habitat of the Avocet depends on, and differs according to the species.
  4. Generally, they are found in coastal marshlands, wetlands and swamps.
  5. They are a relatively large species of bird.
  6. They have a distinctive, thin, long and upturned beak.
  7. They have long legs and webbed feet to help them hunt in shallow waters.
  8. Avocets are sociable, often flying, hunting and nesting in large flocks.
  9. They are carnivores mainly feeding on insects, small fish and other invertebrates.
  10. Their primary predators are dogs, cats, stoats and weasels.
  11. They breed in open grounds close to water.
  12. The female Avocet lays around 4 eggs which hatch after a month’s incubation by both parents.
  13. The Avocet chicks fledge when they are 4-6 weeks old.
  14. After extensive conservation, the Avocet population is thriving today.

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