Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Amphibia
                Family : Hylidae
 Scientific Name : Hyla

                     Size : 3 -14 (1.1 - 5.5in)
                Weight : 2 - 17g (0.07 - 0.6oz)
          Top Speed : 17km/h (10mph)
           Life Span : 2 - 4 years

                Colour : Black, Green, Grey, 
                                Brown, Yellow
           Skin Type : Permeable
Special Features : Smooth skin and 
                               disk-like toes
  1. Tree frogs are small frogs which live mainly on trees in warm forests.
  2. There are about 800 different species of Tree Frogs known today.
  3. They have a rounded disc on their toes which create suction for better grip.
  4. Some of the well-known Tree Frogs are Cuban, red-eyed, European and common tree frogs.
  5. Tree frogs are carnivorous and eat insects, worms, spiders and other small reptiles.
  6. Tree frogs can live for about 3 – 4 years.
  7. Tree frogs are of various colours but usually grey, brown or green.
  8. They are solitary creatures who keep to themselves except during mating.
  9. They have a croaking mating call which they use to attract each other.
  10. Females lay eggs on a leaf just above the water, which develop into tadpoles.
  11. The average clutch size of tree frogs is around 50 eggs.
  12. Tadpoles swim in water till the mature and migrate to the trees as adults.
  13. Tree frogs have many predators such as birds, mammals and other bigger reptiles.

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