Kingdom : Animalia
                     Class : Arachnida
                  Family : Theraphosidae
   Scientific Name : Brachypelma Smithi

                       Size : 10 - 18cm (4 - 7in)
                  Weight : 15 - 16g (0.5 - 0.6oz)
            Top Speed : 29km/h (18mph)
             Life Span : 20 - 30 years

                 Colour : Red, Black, Brown, 
           Skin Type : Hair
Special Features : Hairy body and 
                               stripes on legs
  1. Red -Knee Tarantulas are a type of burrowing tarantula found in Mexico, south western USA and Panama.
  2. They are best known for their red bands along their legs and their hairy body.
  3. They inhabit the scrub forests and the semi desert regions in the Pacific mountains of Mexico.
  4. They are not found on the rocky surfaces as they need to burrow.
  5. They are slow growers and are a choice of pets for their beautifully colored and shaped body.
  6. Though the red-knee tarantula’s bite to humans hurts, it doesn’t harm.
  7. They grow to an average size of around 20cm, with the females growing bigger than the males.
  8. The female red-knee tarantulas are more aggressive than their male counterparts and consequently tend to live longer.
  9. They are carnivores, feeding on insects, birds, reptiles and various other animals.
  10. Their natural predators are birds, large reptiles and various mammals.
  11. The female red-knee tarantula lays around 40 eggs in a silk sack during the months of May and August.
  12. The eggs hatch after a month and the babies that hatch grow into adults after a year.
  13. The red-knee tarantula is a species that is threatened in its natural environment, today.

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