Kingdom : Animalia
                        Class : Mammalia
                     Family : Viverridae
      Scientific Name : Paradoxurus 
                    Size(H) : 43cm - 71cm 
                                       (17in - 28in)
                     Weight : 1.4kg - 4.5kg 
                                       (3lbs - 10lbs)
                 Life Span : 15 - 20 years

                      Colour : Black, White, Grey, 
                                      Yellow, Brown,
                 Skin Type : Fur
Distinctive Features : Elongated body
                                      and snout with 
                                      sharp, pointed teeth
  1. The Asian Palm Civets are a small species of Civets found in Asian Jungles.
  2. They are also called as The Common Palm Civet and The Toddy Cat.
  3. They have distinctive, dark coarse hair and large eyes.
  4. They have a banded face like a Raccoon.
  5. They are closely related to weasels and mongooses and are not feline.
  6. They are solitary animals who are also nocturnal hunters.
  7. They are mainly ground-dwelling but may climb up trees to hide from predators.
  8. Asian Palm Civets are known to be extremely terrestrial.
  9. They are carnivores feeding on rodents, lizards, snakes and frogs.
  10. Interestingly, they also feed on fruits and flowers of palm, mango and coffee.
  11. Large predatory cats and large reptiles are they main predators.
  12. The females give birth to up to 4 young ones after a 2-month gestation.
  13. Deforestation and habitat loss are the main threats to Asian Palm Civets.

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