Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Mammalia
                      Family : Dugongidae
       Scientific Name : Hydrodamalis Gigas

                      Size(L) : 8m - 9m (26ft - 30ft)
                      Weight : 8000kg (8.8tons)
                  Life Span : 50 - 80 Years
                      Colour : Grey, Brown, Black

                 Skin Type : Smooth
Distinctive Features : Enormous body size 
                                     and toothless mouths
  1. Stellers Sea Cows were large marine mammals that became extinct in the 1760s.
  2. They were first discovered by George Steller in the year 1741.
  3. Unfortunately, within 17 years of being discovered by humans, they were completely extinct.
  4. They were found in large numbers in the North Pacific Ocean and parts of the Arctic Circle.
  5. They were closely related to manatees and dugongs, but were much bigger growing around 8-9m in length.
  6. They looked a little like seals with a whale-like tail.
  7. Their skin has been described to be like the bark of an old oak tree.
  8. They had relatively small heads and has two plates instead of teeth
  9. They were herbivores that would have fed on kelp, aquatic plants and grass.
  10. They were known to spend all the time in sea and were not known to come on land.
  11. They were not able to submerge themselves fully under water and that could have made them an easy target for humans.
  12. Apart from humans they wouldn’t have had any natural predators because of their huge size.
  13. They would have mated and given birth to their young in water and would have looked after them till they grew independent.

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