Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Amphibia
                      Family : Ranidae
       Scientific Name : Pelophylax Lessonae
                      Size(L) : 5cm - 9cm
                                       (1.9in - 3.5in)
                      Weight : 20g - 80g 
                                       (0.7oz - 2.8oz)
                 Top Speed : 8km/h (5mph)
                  Life Span : 1 - 6 years

                      Colour : Brown, Green, 
                                     Black, Yellow
                 Skin Type : Permeable
Distinctive Features : Spotted patterned skin
                                      and pointed snout
  1. Pool frogs are medium sized species of frog found in certain parts of northern Europe.
  2. They were thought to be extinct in the 1990s but have been re-introduced through extensive programs.
  3. Therefore, they are one of the rarest animals in the world.
  4. They inhabit the natural ponds in the forest areas of Sweden, Norway and South-Eastern coast of Britain.
  5. Their extinction on the British Isles was a result of rampant bulldozing of their habitat for real estate projects.
  6. Distinctively, they have a sharply pointed head and have light colored lines on either side of their back.
  7. They are brown or brownish-green in color and grow to an average size of 5cm-9cm.
  8. Their webbed feet enable them to swim and negotiate the slippery banks, successfully.
  9. They are carnivores, feeding on insects, spiders, worms and other invertebrates.
  10. Their natural predators are small mammals, birds, foxes, cats, dogs and large birds of prey.
  11. The female pool frog lays hundreds of eggs in spring in a sticky lump.
  12. The eggs hatch and the tadpoles develop in water, lose their tails, develop legs and eventually turn into adults.

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