Kingdom : Animalia
                       Class : Insecta
     Scientific Name : Papilonoidea
                         Size : 0.6 - 30cm 
                                    (0.2 - 12in)

Average Life Span : 40 years
                    Colour : Yellow, Black, Red,
                                     Orange, Green,
                                      Blue, White
               Skin Type : Hair
    Special Features : Long, curled tongue 
                                       and brightly 
                                       coloured wings
  1. Butterflies are insects which have an appearance similar to moths.
  2. They are found all around the world especially in warmer climates.
  3. They are most famous for their morphing from a caterpillar into a butterfly.
  4. They look beautiful with their bright colored and patterned wings.
  5. There are around 20,000 different species of butterflies.
  6. Their size, color and patterns differ according to the species.
  7. They are herbivores feeding on nectar and plant matter with high sugar content.
  8. They have long, curled tongues which they use as straws to feed on nectar from flowers.
  9. Their small size makes them an easy prey for frogs, newts and small reptiles and mammals.
  10. The male butterflies insert their sperms into the female butterflies’ pouch.
  11. The female butterflies lay around 100 eggs after passing their egg through the pouch containing sperm.
  12. The eggs hatch into larvae, which develop into caterpillars, and they in turn, develop into butterflies.

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