Kingdom : Animalia
                          Class : Aves
                       Family : Gruidae
        Scientific Name : Gruidae

                       Size(L) : 1m - 1.4m
                                      ( 40in - 55in)
                Wing Span : 1.8m - 2.4m 
                                      ( 71in - 95in)
                       Weight : 3.7kg - 10kg 
                                      ( 8.2lbs - 22lbs)
                 Top Speed : 40km/h (25mph)

                  Life Span : 15 - 30 years
                      Colour : White, Black, Grey,
                                      Brown, Red, Blue
                  Skin Type : Feathers
 Distinctive Features : Large body size
                                       and beak
  1. Cranes are large, long-beaked birds found across the world except South America and Antarctica.
  2. There are 15 known species of crane in the world.
  3. They are not related to other long-necked birds like herons.
  4. They mostly inhabit the temperate wetlands and swamps of the both the hemispheres.
  5. They are huge birds growing to an average height of 1 m.
  6. They are incredibly agile flyers who migrate between Siberia, China and Japan.
  7. They fly with their necks out-stretched to control and balance their huge bodies.
  8. Cranes are omnivores feeding on Aquatic organisms, insects, fish, amphibians, plants, grains and tree bark.
  9. Their chicks are mostly vulnerable to Owls, Eagles, foxes and wildcats.
  10. Depending on the species, the cranes mostly breed during the summer.
  11. The female crane, lays around 3-5 eggs and the chicks are cared for by the parents until they fledge.
  12. Many of the crane species are critically endangered because of habitat loss and pollution.

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