Kingdom : Animalia
                      Class : Insecta
    Scientific Name : Phasmatodea
                        Size : 3 - 30cm (1.2 - 11.8in)

Average Life Span : 1 - 2 years
                   Colour : Green, Brown, 
                                    Tan, Grey
              Skin Type : Shell
   Special Features : Long body that help 
                                    with camouflage
  1. Stick insects are insects that look like a tree, a bush or a twig of a branch.
  2. There are around 3,000 species of stick insects found in the world.
  3. They vary in size from being 3cm to 30cm in length.
  4. They inhabit the rainforests, jungles and forests all around the world.
  5. They are extremely difficult to spot for their predators as they perfectly get camouflaged in their habitat.
  6. They have long, cylindrical bodies with a shape and color that closely resembles that of a stick.
  7. A few species have a more leaf-like appearance with flattened bodies.
  8. They are herbivores, feeding on green plants, leaves, fruits and berries.
  9. Their natural predators are rodents, small reptiles and birds.
  10. The female stick insect lays around 1000-1500 eggs that very closely resemble plant seeds.
  11. The eggs have the ability to be dormant for months together.
  12. When the eggs hatch the larvae come out, they look like adult stick insects.

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