Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Insecta
                      Family : Notodontidae
       Scientific Name : Cerura Vinula

                      Size(L) : 5cm - 8cm 
                                     (1.9in - 3.1in)
   Average Life Span : 3 - 5 months
                      Colour : Black, Brown, Green,
                                      Blue, White, 
                                      Yellow, Grey
                 Skin Type : Hairs

Distinctive Features : Black and white 
                                     markings and
                                    dangerous nature
                                    of the caterpillar
  1. Puss moths are medium-sized moths found in Europe and parts of North Africa.
  2. They are often mistaken for the North-American Puss moth, which are completely different – they look cat-like and had a hairy caterpillar.
  3. They inhabit the dense woodlands and are mostly found among willow leaves and poplar leaves.
  4. Distinctively, they have bright, white wings with black markings on them.
  5. They are nocturnal in nature, like most other species of moth, actively feeding at night and resting through the day.
  6. Their caterpillars are of great interest, with a green color body and a colorful “face”
  7. They are also the most dangerous caterpillar species in Britain, known to spray formic acid on its predators.
  8. The puss moth caterpillars fortify themselves in cocoons that are known to be one of the hardest for moth species.
  9. They then metamorphose into adult puss moths.
  10. They are herbivores, feeding mainly on the leaves from poplar and willow trees.
  11. Despite their trying their best to ward off predators, puss moths and their caterpillars, are preyed upon by bats, birds, rats, frogs and rodents.
  12. Puss moths are a species that is threatened from extinction due to habitat loss through deforestation and pollution.

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