Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Amphibia
                Family : Pelobatidae
 Scientific Name : Mesobatrachia

                     Size : 7.5 - 10cm (2.9 - 3.9in)
                Weight : 50 - 100g (1.7 - 3.5oz)
           Top Speed : 17km/h (10mph)
            Life Span : 4 - 8 years

                Colour : Brown, Tan, Grey
           Skin Type : Permeable Scales
Special Features : Toxin skin and wide,
                                flat feet
  1. Spade foot toads are burrowing species of toad that are found in North America and Europe.
  2. They are mainly classified as the spadefoot toads that are found in North America and the ones that are found in Europe, Northern Africa and western Asia.
  3. They inhabit the Deserts of Western North America and are able to survive there as they live underground.
  4. Distinctively, they have toxic skin and wide, flat feet, which explains their name.
  5. They make tunnels in sand with their large front feet and are capable of living underground for weeks together.
  6. They come to the land surface after heavy rain, to feed in the moist air.
  7. They are omnivores, feeding on plant matter when young and feed on snails, grasshoppers, caterpillars etc. when older.
  8. The spadefoot toad tadpoles also bury themselves underground and emerge I the next desert rain.
  9. At that time, they grow into larger toads and they spawn.
  10. On an average, the spadefoot toads live to be around 3-12 years old.
  11. They have numerous predators in snakes, large birds of prey and also fish which prey on the tadpoles.


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