Kingdom : Animalia
                  Class : Aves
               Family : Phasianidae
Scientific Name : Tetraoninae

               Size(L) : 31cm - 95cm
                               (12in - 37in)
        Wing Span : 45cm - 101cm 
                               (22in - 40in)
              Weight : 0.3kg - 6.5kg 
                              (0.6lbs - 14lbs)
        Top Speed : 10km/h (6mph)

         Life Span : 1 - 10 years
             Colour : Black, White, Red
                             Brown, Yellow, 
                             Green, Blue, 
        Skin Type : Feathers
  1. Grouse is a heavily-built bird found in the cold forests of the Northern Hemisphere.
  2. They inhabit forests, moorlands, shrub land and rural farms in hot and cold environments.
  3. Distinctively, they have long tail feathers and feathered legs and toes.
  4. Their feathered legs and toes give them the dual advantage of warmth and better stability and grip in snow.
  5. They are closely related to chicken, pheasants and turkeys.
  6. Though they are not commercially farmed, they are hunted as game by humans.
  7. The Grouse is able to maintain its population as they reproduce in large numbers very quickly.
  8. The male grouse follows an elaborate mating display and the female grouse is known to lay around 12 eggs after mating.
  9. The eggs are incubated for a month before they hatch.
  10. They are omnivores, feeding on grass, fruits, nuts, berries, shoots, seeds, flowers, insects and rodents.
  11. Their natural predators are lynx, foxes, wolves, large birds of prey and humans who hunt them.

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