Kingdom : Animalia
                           Class : Mammalia
                        Family : Canidae
         Scientific Name : Alopex Logopus

                       Size(L) : 70cm - 110cm 
                                        (28in - 43in)
                       Weight : 1.4kg - 9.4kg 
                                        (3lbs - 21lbs)
                 Top Speed : 45kph (30mph)
                  Life Span : 7 -10 years

                      Colour : White, Black, Grey
                 Skin Type : Fur
Distinctive Features : Thick fur that changes
                                      colour with season
  1. The Arctic Fox as its name suggests is specifically found in places with colder climes, like Canada, Alaska, Northern Asia and Europe.
  2. They are small white fox and are otherwise called the Snow Fox or the White Fox.
  3. They have incredibly thick fur, believed to be the thickest for any mammal.
  4. The thick fur helps them survive the harsh winter of the arctic regions where temperatures plummet to -50 degrees Celsius.
  5. Their fur remains white in winters and changes to brown in summers to help them camouflage.
  6. They make their den deep under the ground, mostly like a network of tunnels.
  7. They prey on lemmings, hares, reptiles and amphibians
  8. They have very few predators in polar bears, wolf packs and humans.
  9. The female Arctic Fox gives birth to around 15 cubs after a 2-month gestation.
  10. The cubs are born at the start of summer and grow independent by winter.

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